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Word from Our president

Fellow Stoics,

Welcome to the Logical Fallacies Club of the College of Stoic Philosophers. The purpose of this club is to continue the exploration of Logical Thinking begun through the study of S. Cannavo’s Think to Win: The Power of Logic in Everyday Life. Various items of public interest, news, etc are to be offered to the club and examined for logical fallacies. Various lists of fallacies can be found on the internet in such places as:

This is the maiden voyage of the Club, and I have been asked by Erik Wiegardt, Scholarch of the College, to preside benevolently over the work of the Club in order to ensure smooth sailing. In this capacity I wish to offer an initial excerpt from the contemporary news media. The following is an opinion piece by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown published in “The Independent”, a UK based newspaper.

Please respond with one or more examples of a logical fallacy exhibited by the piece, along with an explanation of why the argument is fallacious. Everyone is invited to comment on or critique the entries that others make. Please remember to remain civil in our interactions with each other, and to offer and accept criticism gracefully, as befits those undergoing the askesis of Stoic Wisdom. Part of my role as President is to intervene if more heat than light is being generated by a discussion. For the most part I intend to play a minimal supervising role. We are all here to assist each other, test our Stoic muscles, and support each other in the growth of wisdom and virtue.

John B. Brown