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Andrew Kenworthy flagged Bible Apologetics with false_dilemma

The argument tries to make it’s point by saying that men are either all good or all bad, but the truth is that good men can do bad things. There is a grey area here which is being ignored in order to make you think that your only options are solidly either “this” or “that”.

False Dilemma(AKA Either/or): This is a conclusion that oversimplifies the argument by reducing it to only two sides or choices.


Either/or falacy created
posted by GhiOm on February 26, 2010 19:29

Hey Andrew!

I just created the either/or fallacy (under the name “false dilemma”), maybe you can edit you flag to it if you wish. Don’t forget you can also create fallacies, even if they are stubs, we will edit them later. You can create a fallacy by visiting the “Fallacies” link in the top-left corner of the page.


Doing the wrong thing for the right reason
posted by Michel Daw on February 26, 2010 20:11

I agree with Andrew’s identification of the either/or fallacy. The truth is that not all evil men always do evil things, nor do good men always do good things. In fact most people do bad things inadvertently, believing that they are doing good. Whatever errors, mistakes or moral problems one may have with the Bible, they can be as much the product or ordinary men as the most beautiful and moving passages.

We should not ignore the possibility that these regular fallible people were doing the best they knew how, ‘inspired’ by their desire to do some good in the world. Or perhaps that is too polyanna. I guess I am just trying to avoid another either/or, where we position the Bible as either inspired or garbage.