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What is this site about ?

We are a group of people interested in sharpening our understanding of other people's argumentations, and in being able to determine which flaws they may contain. This site is there to allow us to examine texts and discuss which can of logical flaws we can find in them.

What is a fallacy ?

Generally speaking, a fallacy is any kind of false reasoning. Here we try to distinguish different kinds of argumentative fallacies, and you can find here the list of fallacies we have already described. Fallacies are opened to discussion, and have a forum attached to them.

What is a topic ?

A topic, on this site, refers to a subject of study, in which we try to find fallacies. Here is the list of currently opened topics. Topics are opened to discussion, and have a forum attached to them.

What is a flag ?

Once we have found a fallacy in a topic, we can flag the topic with the given fallacy, by giving an explanation telling why we think such text contains this fallacy. Flags are opened to discussion, and have a forum attached to them.

What is a tag ?

Topics can be tagged with keywords, so that we can create a minimal architecture of the global subjects they talk about. A list of all the tags already used can be found there.

How can I join ?

This site is currently opened in a read only fashion to the whole wild world, although it can only be edited by people who have been enabled by an administrator.
The first way you can join us is by joining the College of Stoic Philosophers. Members of the College will have no problem being admitted as members of this club.
However, if you are not sure whether you want to join the College but are still interested in discussing about fallacies, you can sign up to the site and send us an email at this address with your motivation, and we may enable your account.

I registered and logged in but still can't do anything on the site. Why ?

Registration only is not enough to be able to modify content or post comments on the site. Your account has to be activated by an administrator before your can edit on the site. If you are a member of the College of Stoic Philosophers, and your registration takes more than a week to be accepted, send an email to this address.

If you did not find the question you wanted to ask, please email it at this address.